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Being a modern day woman is no easy task. Whilst we may be able to inherit our cooking skills, or dodgy dance moves, the older generations can’t help when it comes to dating apps or the minefield that is social media. We are the lucky generation that have grown up with both dial up internet and 4G. We transitioned from MSN and Bebo to Bumble and snapchat. We are the inbetweeners and everything we know about the modern world is self taught. 


So who better to get advice from than fellow millennial women navigating their way around the same crazy world. Dear Females covers everything from dating app know-hows to career advice. Relationship red flags to self care tips. And of course a constant exploration of love, because some things never change, whatever generation you belong to. We are here to guide you, inspire you and hopefully entertain you. 


Dear Females aims to provide a space to share all those late night ponderings or brunch date debates. A problem shared is a problem halved and I guarantee if one of us has thought it then hundreds of other women have to.

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Georgie Parkin

Hi, i'm Georgie, creator of Dear Females. Ever since I was a kid I have been addicted to women's magazines. Girl talk, Pop Princess, Bliss, you name it, I had a weekly subscription! I guess I always found comfort in the words of others, knowing that I wasn't the only girl out there who didn't know how to talk to my crush or put on eye shadow. My addiction is still very much intact but has now moved online. (the only downside being the lack of the free gifts) and the reading material is a little more sophisticated! About a year ago I decided I wanted to create my own online platform for women. I was fueled by the idea of having complete creative control. I could voice the slightly taboo problems, the raw and uncensored life of the millennial female. 

I want Dear Females to be inspiring stories and practical advice. 

By REAL women for REAL women. 

I’m currently 26 and although I don’t have all the answers, years of flicking through Cosmo, watching Sex And The City and ample hands on experience, I’ve almost got this whole adulting thing down. My love life is questionable, but experience, I have plenty! My word is most definitely not gospel but I’ll share what I know and hopefully learn what I don’t. Maybe one day Dear Females will be to someone else what all those girly mags were to me.


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