• Georgie Parkin

Make Every Sunday Your Self-Care Day

5 of the best self care activities to reset, recharge, and refresh for the week ahead.

Most of us lead very busy lives and if you’re anything like me you actually like being busy, so much so that you rarely come up for air. It’s easy to get so engrossed in the mechanics of your life - work, gym, dinner, life admin, drinks, rinse and repeat -until you eventually drop. We all need a day to reset. A day where we force ourselves, sometimes against every fibre of our being, to just be.

Sunday is that day. Partly because it’s the final day of the week and the perfect time to reset before Monday rolls around and partly because we all like alliteration and self care. Friday, Wednesday or any other day just doesn’t sound as good. So from now and forever more, Sunday will be YOUR day. Specifically make plans to do nothing. Don't leave it open or see if a better offer comes up, get your thickest sharpie and permanently dub Sunday your SELF CARE DAY.

Everyone has a different idea of what it means to relax. Some of us may find serenity in the kitchen, baking some delicious treats, me on the other hand cannot think of anything worse and would much rather buy the delicious treats and save myself the time, mess and inevitable stress. So here's my top five suggestions for your self-care Sunday. Pick what works for you, there is no wrong way to spend this day. (apart from anywhere other than your house in a horizontal position for 90% of it.)

Duvet Day/ morning

Chances are your alarm is set for stupid o’clock every morning, meaning you never get a chance to fully enjoy the comfort and peace of your bed. Today is the day! Don’t feel like you’re wasting the day or feel guilted into getting up, just let it be. Turn off the alarm (or alarms) and enjoy waking up naturally and dozing in and out of dream land until you’re ready to get out of bed. Even if that isn’t until the afternoon!

Go for a walk

It wasn’t until the great lockdown debacle of 2020 when we couldn't step outside except for physical activity, that I started going for walks. I always thought a walk needed either a destination or a dog, of which I had neither. But it surprised me how peaceful and freeing it is to just walk for the sake of walking. Pick a podcast or your favorite relaxing playlist and start walking. The majority of the time we walk to get somewhere. We power walk to make the tube or walk to and from various places we NEED to be. When was the last time you just walked?

Eat/make your favorite food

Did I mention that calories don’t count on self care Sunday’s? This is your chance to indulge in all those foods you have been resisting all week. Order a pizza, bake a cake or stack your plate with biscuits until they topple over. Don’t go so wild that you make yourself feel sick, that’s not what self care is all about. But it is about treating yourself and making your stomach and heart happy.

Pamper sessions

Nothing makes me feel more rejuvenated than a proper pamper session. Run yourself a nice hot bath and pick out your fanciest bath bomb. Pluck your eyebrows, shave your legs, paint your nails, cover yourself in moisturizer until you feel like a new woman. If you are feeling super fancy you could even make yourself a foot spa.

24 hour social media detox

This isn’t for everyone but if you’re never tried it I highly recommend! We spend the majority of our days glued to our phone, half the time mindlessly scrolling without even thinking about it. Challenge yourself to a phone free day. Messages can wait, emails can wait, your Insta story can stay empty. The world will keep turning, I promise. Hide your phone is a draw and spend the day with your own thoughts instead of using every spare five minutes to scroll through other peoples. This is the ultimate self care challenge and probably the most effective at recharging your batteries and washing away the stresses and chaos of a busy week.

Let the relaxation begin!