• Georgie Parkin

Must Read Books For Your Twenties That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired!

The twenties are often described as the best and worst years of our lives, the juxtaposition in adjective mirroring the crazy ups and downs of the longest decade of all time. We discover who we are, who we like and who we don’t like, what we want to be and do and our place in the world. Our opinions flip flop constantly and we change fashion sense as much as hair styles and boyfriends as much as career paths.

It's completely normal to feel a little lost for the majority of this decade and have no idea where you are going or what your life will look like ten years from now, or even what you want it to look like. There is nothing worse than feeling alone in the chaos.

These books will hold your hand through all the crazy. They will show you that you’re not alone or weird or hopeless. They will inspire you to find your way and reach your full potential whilst reassuring you that it’s okay to fail and it’s okay to have no idea what you’re doing. There is a mix of funny relatable memoirs that will feel like you’re talking to a friend and inspiring practical guides that will feel more like a father figure guiding you through. Some wise words and a little comic relief is the perfect remedy for a decade of change and confusion!

Everything I know about love - Dolly Alderton

This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It’s hilarious, wise, relatable, a little tragic and so inspiring. Dolly writes so candidly about her life and her experiences growing up, dating, learning how to love and be loved and all the chaos that happens in between. This book is the advice you have always needed but never gotten. All millennial women need to read this book!

How to Fail - Elizabeth Day

For anyone who has ever felt like a failure, Elizabeth is here to tell you why you need to fail to learn how to succeed. A beautiful collection of stories and experiences about dating, families, friendships, anger and ultimately failing. These stories are uplifting and inspiring and will make you look at your life in a new light. Your twenties can be difficult and confusing but this book makes it feel like it’s all going to be okay.

The Slight Edge - Jeff Olson

I truly believe that I will never forget the lessons this book taught me. Jeff explains the simple acts that create successful people. He tells some incredible stories of millionaires, entrepreneurs and normal people who have completely changed their lives by making his small changes. Success and happiness are built from small, seemingly insignificant, habits that we do (or don't do) every single day. This book will show you that you have complete control over your life. Nothing is impossible if you are willing to work consistently and persistently.

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

This is a story about dreams and about hope. The book follows a shepherd boy named Santiago on his journey to the Egyptian deserts to find a hidden treasure. A lot can be learnt from this beautiful story about trusting your gut and never giving up. It’s the inspiration all twenty-somethings need in their lives!

Becoming - Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s memoir tells the story of her struggle to find her path and shaking the pressures and stereotypes that people and society cast on her. Sometimes we all feel a little lost and unsure of what we want to do with our lives, even Michelle Obama! This book is relatable and inspiring and will make you feel a whole lot better about any uncertainty you have of your current and future path.

Everything is Figuroutable - Marie Forleo

Even the title is ground shakingly inspirational! This book is a practical manual that will teach you some incredibly valuable lessons to ultimately make you unstoppable! Marie talks about the importance of striving for progress not perfection, how to get past our failures and how to never let a lack of time and money stop you from getting where you want to be (an excuse us twenty-somethings use all too often!) Her words are incredibly uplifting and will make you feel like anything is possible, you just have to figure it out!

Good Vibes, Good Life - Vex King

This book is so important that it should be added to the education syllabus in every school! I wish I had read this years ago but it’s never too late to practice self love. Instagram guru Vex King teaches you how to truly love yourself, how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones and how to change your habits for good. Vex believes that self love is the key to unlocking greatness and teaches us exactly how to do it. There are so many beautiful and life changing quotes in this book that will stay with you forever.

Get on amazon and order at least one of these inspirational books. You won't regret it.