• Georgie Parkin

The Latest Dating Trends of 2020

Remember the days when someone would ask you out in a bar or on the train? Yea me neither.

Since the launch of the first dating app in 2012 we have seen a number of weird and wonderful dating habits emerging from the simple act of swiping to find love. If only it was that simple! If you are new to the dating app world, (where have you been) or looking to get your game on this summer, then here are the top dating trends you simply have to know about to thrive in the dating game. Remember you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Soft Ghosting

We are all familiar with ghosting - an infuriating dating trend that has been around since the dawn of dating apps. Soft ghosting is just as bad but painfully subtle and sometimes even more frustrating. Rather than completly dropping off the face of the earth, the soft ghoster phases themselves out of your life and gradually melts into oblivion instead of a sudden and unexpected disappearance. Some people have so expertly mastered the art that you hardly even notice them go. What would you rather? Cold turkey or being subtle weaned off?


So, you’ve been ghosted by your latest love interest, perhaps you went on a few dates, or were chatting for a while and then, all of a sudden, all contact stops. And to avoid the awkward and somewhat desperate double message you pronounce them dead, mourn your loss for a couple of hours and move onto the next. Weeks or even months later your ghost breaks free from its coffin and comes back from the dead. Normally this takes place in the form of a horribly unapologetic ‘hey’ message as if nothing ever happened or even worse a reply to an insta story. A classic flame emoji or worse, love heart eyes. Zombieing is an infuriating new dating trend making everyone's blood boil. If you’re a recent ghoster and considering resurrecting from the dating dead then please don’t. Go bother someone else with your love heart eyes.


So once again this dating trend starts with you being ghosted. All communication has ceased and your most recent message has been left on read. Weeks have past and once again you have signed the death certificate and you’re busy consoling your bruised ego. But this ghost is still orbiting somewhere in your virtual universe. They view every one of your Insta stories, usually within the first hour and you might get the odd and very confusing like from your ghost. There's two ways to look at orbiting; either they have good intentions and are simply trying to show you are on good terms, just in case there’s an accidental run in on a night out. Or its a very strategic power move that messes with your head. They have ghosted but want you to know they are still out there, alive and well - and still not messaging you.


Were you that kid in school that always made the team but were kept on the bench and only got the chance to play if someone got injured or tired? Well turns out this happens in the dating world too. You didn't quite make the A team but you aren't a total write off so instead of ghosting you are benched. They contact you just enough to keep you interested but make no attempt to take it further. Then, they can go on playing the field whilst keeping you on the sidelines.

The sad thing is, we all have people on our bench. Those matches that we like but not enough to give our full attention. We keep these people on the bench in case our A-team players ghost or we get bored of them - and a little desperate for our next dating fix. You never know, one of your benched candidates could become your star player.


Cuffing season takes place from November to March. The ground freezes over and singletons start looking for someone to cosy up with for the holidays. While summer is a time to be free and single (and maybe a little slutty), winter comes around and the bikinis and cocktails are traded in for carbs and cuddles and hopefully someone special to share it with. Not only do people want a cuddle buddy for winter, we also want to avoid the inevitable interrogation from Great Aunt Mildred at christmas dinner. Particularly as people approach their mid to late 20’s. The questions come in hot and fast and we’ll do anything to seize fire. Call it strategic (and sometimes temporary) settling.


This refers to the act of curating your instagram to attract the attention of a specific person - Either to win them back or show them what they are missing out on. Particularly effective after a recent ghosting. The Instagrammer’s aim is to ensure the ghoster feels regret. Tactics include; stories of your busy and amazing social life (even if it’s a facade) and filling your feed with bikini pics and drinks with the girls in your somewhat slutty red dress that you know he liked (and you look amazing in!) The Instagrammer sends out updates more than ever before in a deliberate attempt to turn the ghoster into an orbiter, and maybe even resurrect them from the dating dead and have a zombie on your hands.

The world of dating is like never before and you can choose to look at it two ways - You can long for a time where people met at the local dance, locked eyes across the room and fell in love or you can see the wonder in our incredibly progressive world of dating at our fingertips. Pick your poison; bumble, hinge, tinder, there’s an app out there for everyone. But watch out for those ghosts and zombies, they’ll sneak up on you!