• Georgie Parkin

Those Summer Nights - 20 Date Night Ideas to Keep Things Fresh and Fun!

Whether you’ve been together a few weeks or a few years, regular date nights are a great way to keep things interesting. Who says the fun and excitement of the dating phase has to end!? And thanks to these long summer nights a whole new realm of possibilities just opened up to you.

After a long day at work it can be easy to just curl up on the sofa together and not move for the rest of the evening but try making a once a week date night part of your routine. You can plan it together or take it in turns. It not only gives you both something to look forward to, it sets aside a dedicated evening just for the two of you. A chance to talk, laugh, and just be together without the stresses of work, life and the mundane chores of adult life that can so often take over. Make time for each other and make time to be young, fun and spontaneous!

1. Picnic in a Park

Grab a bottle of wine and your favourite snacks and go find yourself a green patch to sit on. Whether you live in the city or the countryside, you’ll always be able to find a nice spot to just sit and enjoy the evening sun.

2. Bike Ride

This is the perfect summer evening activity. Cycle along the canal, through the city or by the river, stopping along the way to catch the views and the rays.

3. Pub Crawl

Why go to one pub when you can go to all of them? The great thing about these long evenings is you can wander from beer garden to beer garden with the sun still shining and the drink still flowing. Make it your mission to find the best beer in a 5 mile radius.

4. Dessert Date

Why go out for dinner when you go out for something way sweeter! Hunt down your nearest ice cream shop or donut bar and go indulge on something sweet together.

5. Game Night

This ones perfect if it’s looking a little grey outside. Each pick one or two of your favorite board games or card games and challenge each other to an evening of competition. You could even come up with some fun prizes for the winner or less fun penalties for the loser ;)

6. Cocktail Night

Each make up a pitcher of your favorite summer cocktail and enjoy the evening from your garden. Play those summer tunes and relax together until the sun goes down.

7. Sunset walk

Take a drive or a walk to a spot high enough to catch an amazing view of the sun setting. It sets pretty late these days so take a walk beforehand or just sit on a blanket with a bottle of wine and enjoy the peace and quiet.

8. Stargazing

You have to wait till it gets dark for this one, perfect for those of you who work late. All you need is a blanket and each other. Find yourself a quiet spot somewhere outside and just lie together and watch the stars twinkle.

9. Come Dine for Two

One of you does appetizer and main, the other does starter and dessert. You can even dress up fancy and score each other out of 10 if you’re feeling competitive!

10. Late night shopping

Shopping is normally something you drag your boyfriend to reluctantly but pose this idea to them and you just might be able to make it fun. You each get to pick the absolute ugliest outfit you can find for the other person and they have to try it on. Laugh, take pictures, make them do a silly dance, but remember they get their turn too!

11. Pamper Night

He might resist it at first but once he has the cucumber on his eyes he’ll have no complaints. Get yourself some face masks, put on some zen music, pour the wine, make your very own foot bath and completely relax! You could even make him paint your nails.

12. Garden Yoga

Might not be his first choice but if it’s your week to pick the date then he can’t object! Find a yoga tutorial on YouTube, lay out some mats or towels in the garden and see which one of you can hold tree pose for the longest! You’ll get a good stretch and an even better laugh.

13. Park Games

All you need is a frisbee or a bat and ball and some open space. Pretend you're ten again and run around the park playing catch until it’s time for bed!

14. Water Fight

Wait for one of those super hot evenings, strip down to your underwear and declare war! The only rule is there are no rules! You don't even need water guns, buckets will do.

15. Walking dinner

Pack a picnic and find a nice route for a walk. Each stop is a course of your romantic dinner. Crisps and hummus at stop number one, sandwiches at stop two and muffins at stop three! It doesn't have to be fancy, just a chance to enjoy the sun and multiple different views at each stop.

16. Right Left Centre

Sometimes a summer evening is the perfect time to get in the car, windows down, radio all the way up and just drive. Whoever is in the passenger seat is in charge. You get to say right, left or centre at any point and the driver must obey. You might even find yourself somewhere great. Make sure you’ve got google maps ready to find your way back!

17. Great British Bake Off

Another one for a cloudy evening. Set a time limit and you both have to bake your favourite baked good. If you have a tiny kitchen it will be even more romantic shimmying around each other ;)

18. 'Paint me like one of your french girls'

Time to get arty! Take in turns to paint or draw a portrait of your partner and don’t reveal them to each other until they are both done. If you want to really spice things up, ditch the clothes ;) You don’t have to be an artist, in fact it’s a lot more fun if you aren’t!

19. Story Time

It may sound a little childish but sometimes we all need to let our inner child out to play. Sit in a park or anywhere public and take it turns to tell a story about someone or something you can see. You could even both have a go at the same person and see how different they turn out!

20. Blindfolded Wine Tasting

You don’t have to be fancy to taste wine! Buy a few bottles of wine or whatever you have in the house, and take in turns blindfolding each other and guessing which wine is which. You can do this with just about anything - beer, gin, even tea if you're not drinkers! Keep score if you’re the competitive type.